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Heavy Rains to Pelt Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra and Telangana This Week; Relief From Heat Likely (May 7, 2024)
44% Kumaon forests on fire: Plea in Supreme Court for preventive steps. (May 7, 2024)
Climate change is slowing Earth’s rotation. (May 3, 2024)
Climate change: Indian Ocean racing towards unprecedented heatwave crisis. (May 3, 2024)
Plastic-eating bacteria can help waste self-destruct. (May 2, 2024)
Talks advance on intergovernmental treaty to end plastic pollution. (May 2, 2024)
5,710 forest fires in April alone — Uttarakhand’s burning problem & what’s behind it. (Apr 30, 2024)
Indian Ocean basin to see accelerated warming, says study. (Apr 30, 2024)
Heatwave conditions to prevail in south Bengal till April 30: IMD. (Apr 30, 2024)
Climate change could become the main driver of biodiversity decline by mid-century: report. (Apr 30, 2024)
Africa’s Tropical Glaciers Have Shrunk by 90 Percent, Study Finds. (Feb 27, 2024)
Climate impact: Water storage projected to decrease across wetter lands around Caspian, Mediterranean seas. (Feb 27, 2024)
Antarctica sea ice reaches alarming low for third year in a row. (Feb 26, 2024)
Therapists warn of a new wave of anxiety fueled by climate change. (Feb 26, 2024)
Growth in CO2 emissions leaves China likely to miss climate targets. (Feb 22, 2024)
Eating to save nature? Embrace potatoes, ditch meat and track your beans. (Feb 22, 2024)
Urgent need for common climate risk evaluation framework, more adaptation funding: Report. (Feb 22, 2024)
Rain Comes to the Arctic, With a Cascade of Troubling Changes. (Feb 21, 2024)
February has broken unprecedented temperature records, data shows. (Feb 19, 2024)
Greenland's Turning Green! Satellite Images Show Vegetation Gradually Replacing Its Ice, Spark Major Concerns. (Feb 16, 2024)
Marine heatwaves in Arctic shows worrying trend since 2007, marginal seas more vulnerable: Study. (Feb 16, 2024)
What are the changes in the new Water Act? (Feb 12, 2024)
How climate change is accelerating the ‘decades-long demise’ of the Aral Sea. (Feb 12, 2024)
What is a carbon sink, a just transition and an NDC? (Feb 8, 2024)
World Wetlands Day: 5 things to know about these carbon sinks. (Feb 8, 2024)
Snow, rain recharge Valley’s water sources, farmers upbeat. (Feb 7, 2024)
As Ocean Warming Strengthens Cyclones, Higher Categories Needed to Convey Risks Accurately: Climate Scientists. (Feb 7, 2024)
World ‘not prepared’ for climate disasters after warmest ever January. (Feb 7, 2024)
When millets rescued Vadnagar from long period of droughts. (Feb 6, 2024)
Warming up to climate change: Is the Sun behind the rising global temperatures? (Feb 6, 2024)
Avalanche alerts in J&K, Srinagar cut off; IMD issues yellow alert for Delhi. (Feb 5, 2024)
Officials upbeat over Ramsar tag for Karaivetti Sanctuary. (Feb 5, 2024)
World Wetlands Day: IMC facelift to Sirpur, releases 2.5L fish seeds. (Feb 5, 2024)
India has a 2500-year-old solution to fight climate change. (Feb 1, 2024)
India has a 2500-year-old solution to fight climate change. (Feb 1, 2024)
Huge rise in number of cold wave days despite global warming: Study. (Feb 1, 2024)
Data Munching | We can't turn a blind eye to climate change when sea surface temperatures rise. (Jan 30, 2024)
Fire, Flood, Storms & Humanity’s Sojourn Into Climate Oblivion. (Jan 30, 2024)
Devastating drought in Amazon result of climate crisis, study shows. (Jan 25, 2024)
Melting Misconceptions: NASA’s Startling Findings on Greenland’s Ice Loss. (Jan 25, 2024)
Melting Ice Becomes Threat for Potential Resurgence of Zombie Viruses, Claim Researchers. (Jan 25, 2024)
Urban Farms Emit 6x More Planet-Warming Greenhouse Gases Than Conventional Ones, Study Shows. (Jan 25, 2024)
Drastic change seen in Bengal monsoon pattern, may hit agri & economy : Study. (Jan 19, 2024)
Cold wave intensifies in Kashmir, Srinagar shivers at minus 4.6 deg C. (Jan 19, 2024)
Greenland losing 30m tonnes of ice an hour, study reveals. (Jan 18, 2024)
Battle for clean air has a long way to go. (Jan 16, 2024)
Current Climate: Another Hottest Year On Record. (Jan 16, 2024)
Alarming ocean temperatures helped make 2023 the hottest year. (Jan 15, 2024)
Climate change is shrinking snowpack in many places, study shows. And it will get worse.(Jan 15, 2024)
Kashmir warmer than Delhi as maximum temperature hits 15°C, highest in 20 years. (Jan 15, 2024)
A Heatwave in Antarctica Totally Blew the Minds of Scientists. What They Deciphered is Alarming. (Jan 15, 2024)
New CFR guidelines: Experts say regulations can undo India’s progress on forest governance. (Sep 14, 2022)
Six of 9 planetary boundaries have been breached because of human activities: Study. (Sep 14, 2022)
Sterile measure: Is Maharashtra and Gujarat’s plan to sterilise leopards and prevent conflict with humans feasible?. (Sep 13, 2022)
Light pollution disrupts marine organisms’ hormonal cycles, reproduction: Study. (Sep 13, 2022)
There will be fewer but stronger tropical storms in Ganga, Mekong basins in coming years: Report. (Sep 13, 2022)
Amazon ‘one of the most dangerous places to be a green defender’: Report. (Sep 13, 2022)
UN report outlines how developing, developed countries can reduce emissions from constructions. (Sep 12, 2022)
Floodplain loss: Basins of Irrawaddy, Tapi, Indus, Cauvery rivers flowing through India altered most due to human activities. (Sep 12, 2022)
Small island nations seek protection from ocean pollution, climate change. (Sep 11, 2022)
To track a tigress: How officials in Chhattisgarh’s Achanakmar are trying to recover big cat numbers. (Sep 11, 2022)
Top 10 stories of the week that was (September 2-September 8). (Sep 09, 2022)
World Intellectual Property Organization working towards treaty on traditional knowledge, folklore. (Sep 08, 2022)
Experts irked over revised structure of Central Empowered Committee. (Sep 08, 2022)
G20 Summit: Weather at Bharat Mandapam being monitored for meet where DRR on top of agenda. (Sep 07, 2022)
PM Modi: Climate action ambitions must match with action on climate finance. (Sep 07, 2022)
Intense, widespread marine heatwaves happening now may extend to February 2024: WMO agency. (Sep 07, 2022)
Missing green growth: 11 rich countries like Germany, UK will need 2 centuries to meet Paris goals. (Sep 06, 2022)
6 billion tonnes of sand taken annually from oceans, causing irreparable damage to benthic life. (Sep 06, 2022)
Africa Climate Summit 2023: Continent should exploit carbon market potential to raise climate finance, say experts. (Sep 05, 2022)
Kalahandi Gram Sabhas write to NCST, invoke atrocities act against Jharkhand DFO. (Sep 05, 2022)
Invasive alien species lead to extinctions of plants & animals across Earth, IPBES report points out. (Sep 04, 2022)
Why does it feel like pre- or post-monsoon in the middle of monsoon?. (Sep 04, 2022)
Study warns of a billion human deaths if global warming reaches or exceeds 2°C. (Sep 04, 2022)
Extreme weather events lead to increase in child marriages: Study. (Sep 03, 2022)
Top 10 stories of the week that was (Aug 26-Sep 1). (Sep 02, 2022)
Study finds fish surprisingly resistant to marine heatwaves. (Sep 01, 2022)
‘Protocol not followed’: Complaint lodged in Karnataka forest department sharpshooter death case. (Sep 01, 2022)
2023 a drought year? September will need at least 92% of normal rainfall. (Sep 01, 2022)
Funga: UN wants us all to say it along with ‘Flora & Fauna’. (August 31, 2022)
Forests up for grabs?. (Aug 31, 2022)
Paper cups as bad as plastic ones for environment: Research. (Aug 29, 2022)
Not Cherrapunji or Mawsynram, Rishikesh was India’s wettest town for most of August 2023. (August 29, 2022)
Kampala Declaration on climate change, human mobility now has 48 African countries as members. (Aug 28, 2022)
India’s iconic raptors are declining fast, warns new report. (Aug 28, 2022)
Top 10 stories of the week that was (August 19-August 25). (Aug 26, 2022)
How robust is India’s tiger census?. (Aug 25, 2022)
Warming temperatures can mean mass leaf deaths in tropical forests. (Aug 25, 2022)
7th GEF Assembly: Decision on direct funding to civil societies likely during the meeting. (Aug 23, 2022)
After 4 years of high-intensity rains, Kerala inching towards drought with 45% deficit rainfall. (August 23, 2022)
Fewer ribbits in Western Ghats? Erratic, deficit rainfall hits breeding cycles of frogs. (Aug 23, 2022)
Now, a bacteria that can eat methane. Can it reduce global warming? Researchers say it’s possible. (Aug 22, 2022)
7th GEF Assembly: Member countries get together to ratify Global Biodiversity Framework Fund. (Aug 22, 2022)
This may be the driest August in 123 years: Expert. (Aug 22, 2022)
Natural disasters in South-West Pacific caused close to $9 billion in economic damage in 2022: WMO. (Aug 21, 2022)
Top 10 stories of the week that was (August 12-August 18). (Aug 19, 2022)
How climate resilient is Shimla? Not much, shows city’s ground situation. (Aug 18, 2022)
Hawaii’s climate future: Dry regions get drier with global warming, increasing fire risk — while wet areas get wetter. (Aug 18, 2022)
More dry days ahead? Monsoon on continuous break for past 11 days. (Aug 17, 2022)
Air pollution by PM2.5 linked to rise in antibiotic resistance globally: Analysis. (Aug 17, 2022)
Baghjan blowout: NGT directs Assam government to pay aid to affected families. (Aug 16, 2022)
West Bengal: Illegal acquisition of forest land for Turga and Bandu Pump Storage Projects, claim tribal residents. (Aug 11, 2022)
Less than 1% mitigation & adaptation funding went to world’s indigenous groups despite more commitment: Report. (Aug 11, 2022)
Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka record 13,662 jumbos; male-female ratios and age gradation healthy, say experts. (Aug 11, 2022)
East and Northeast India recorded second-warmest July in over a century: IMD. (Aug 11, 2022)
Damage due to heavy rains in Uttarakhand’s Kotdwar point to greater need for rainfall and water level monitoring. (Aug 10, 2022)
Constitutional violations in amended Forest (Conservation and Augmentation) Act, say experts. (Aug 10, 2022)
World Lion Day 2023: The big cat once roamed Arabia and left an indelible mark on Arab culture. (Aug 10, 2022)
First case of Lumpy Skin Disease documented in Cambodian wild bovids: Study. (Aug 9, 2022)
Mismanagement, negligence and political pressure are killing Kuno cheetahs. (Aug 9, 2022)
Three in four children in South Asia exposed to extreme high temperatures: UNICEF. (Aug 9, 2022)
Belem Declaration: Amazon countries fail to agree on protection goals. (Aug 9, 2022)
Cheetah reintroduction ‘highly complex’, more sites needed as reserves, expert says. (Aug 8, 2022)
Climate change could hit India, 58 other nations’ credit ratings. (Aug 7, 2022)
Plight of the vaquita forces International Whaling Commission to issue first extinction alert. (Aug 7, 2022)
Asian elephant expert Raman Sukumar now a Vice-Chair of the IPCC. (Aug 7, 2022)
Apple production in Himachal likely to fall by more than 50% this year, courtesy extreme weather. (Aug 6, 2022)
Top 10 stories of the week that was (July 29-August 4)(Aug 5, 2022)
India may have highest climate risk globally but its banks are unprepared to support climate action: Report. (Aug 4, 2022)
Study paints grim picture for northwest India if emissions keep increasing. (Aug 4, 2022)
Gamechanger for India’s vultures: Experts laud Centre’s move to ban aceclofenac, ketoprofen. (Aug 3, 2022)
Monsoon 2023: August, September to be drier than normal for most of India, predicts IMD. (Aug 3, 2022)
The Iberian wolf is extinct in Spain’s Andalusia: Report. (Aug 2, 2022)
Climate crisis, tourism may place Venice on UNESCO heritage danger list. (Aug 1, 2022)
Out of danger because the UN said so? Hardly — the Barrier Reef is still in hot water. (Aug 1, 2022)
India among the 12 countries responsible for 52% of the world’s mismanaged plastic waste: Report. (July 31, 2022)
Over 31,000 evacuated from Beijing as Typhoon Doksuri breaks rainfall records. (July 31, 2022)
Eagle Bluff: US wildfire crosses the 49th Parallel into Canada; forces town to be evacuated. (July 31, 2022)
Climate action worst-performing area for Indian tiger reserves, confirms Centre’s report. (July 30, 2022)
International Tiger Day 2023: Panthera study finds Bangladesh ‘unexpectedly’ driving poaching for tiger parts. (July 29, 2022)
Extreme heat could claim lives of 204,000 women annually in India, Nigeria & US: Report. (July 28, 2022)
Project Tiger merges with Project Elephant — but questions on fund split unanswered. (July 28, 2022)
Radio collars of 6 cheetahs removed at Kuno National Park. (July 28, 2022)
Extreme continent: New WMO report paints alarming picture of climate emergency in Asia. (July 28, 2022)
Delhi’s Mayur Vihar received heavy rain in just three hours — here is why. (July 27, 2022)
Cases for climate justice more than doubled globally since 2017, finds UNEP. (July 27, 2022)
Do honeybees tightly regulate their diet? Researchers trying to find out. (July 27, 2022)
Data gaps in heatwave deaths widen as India battles record-smashing temperatures. (July 26, 2022)
Antarctica’s sea ice is at its lowest extent ever recorded. (July 26, 2022)
Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill, 2022 passed. (July 26, 2022)
Heatwaves in Europe, North America ‘virtually impossible’ without anthropogenic emissions: WWA. (July 25, 2022)
Sixth mass extinction will be worse than previously thought, say scientists. (July 25, 2022)
July 2023 likely to be warmest month on record. (July 25, 2022)
Fix at source: Bengaluru must rope in bulk generators to decentralise waste management. (July 23, 2022)
Name change of Forest Conservation Act imperative, as it is treated as ‘Forest Clearance Act’: DG forests. (July 21, 2022)
Reclassifying forests, exemptions from clearances: What changes does Bill to amend Forest Conservation Act propose. (July 21, 2022)
Monsoon session of Parliament to decide fate of Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill. (July 21, 2022)
Summer of extreme heat: Wildfires in Greece as Europe scorches. (July 20, 2022)
Consider shifting cheetahs to Rajasthan, don’t make it prestige issue, SC tells Centre. (July 20, 2022)
Barges carrying fly ash from India to Bangladesh eroding Sundarbans: Bengal minister. (July 20, 2022)
Kuno needs at least 50 cheetahs before wild cat population stabilises, experts tell central panel. (July 19, 2022)
Genetic resources commission gathers in Rome to deliberate on biodiversity, nutrition & human health. (July 18, 2022)
Cheetah deaths, including that of cubs, in Kuno could have been avoided, say experts. (July 18, 2022)
Environmental planning must for disaster risk reduction and sustainable development in the hills. (July 17, 2022)
Gambusia: This solution could actually be an invasive problem. (July 17, 2022)
Political representation of STs can lead to improved forest cover — study establishes link. (July 17, 2022)
Suraj: Eighth cheetah dies at Kuno National Park. (July 14, 2022)
Road to 2030: Why sand & dust storms pose challenge to achieving multiple SDGs. (July 14, 2022)
Air pollution impacts villages and cities almost equally but pollution control funds only for urban India, shows analysis. (July 13, 2022)
70,000 tonnes of harmful chemicals leach into aquifers from farms every year, some reach oceans: Study. (July 13, 2022)
Tropical waters have turned green in colour, courtesy climate change: Study. (July 12, 2022)
She is a fighter: For now, sole survivor of cheetah litter born in India is healthy, playful and curious. (July 12, 2022)
Infighting and infections led to 4 tigers’ deaths in Dudhwa in two months, finds autopsy. (July 12, 2022)
European Parliament passes nature restoration law with 336 votes in favour, 300 against. (July 13, 2022)
North India Deluge 2023: Yamuna breaches evacuation mark in Delhi; expert calls flood policy ‘absolute failure’. (July 11, 2022)
Project Cheetah: Tejas from Namibia dies; neck injuries found on 4-yr-old male. (July 11, 2022)
North India Deluge 2023: Spectre of flooding hangs over Joshimath after glacial burst. (July 11, 2022)
World just had the hottest week; shattered records hint we are in uncharted territory: WMO. (July 11, 2022)
Found family: Tigress adopts sister’s orphaned cubs at Sanjay National Park. (July 10, 2022)
2022 European heatwave claimed over 61,000 lives, heat adaptation plans ineffective in reducing mortality: Study. (July 10, 2022)
Kharif crops take a severe hit by intense and unprecedented rainfall across India. (July 10, 2022)
North India Deluge 2023: Ladakh, a cold desert, received over 10,000% of its normal rain on July 8-9. (July 10, 2022)
Global wood harvests will add 3.5 to 4.2 billion tonnes of CO2 yearly in coming decades: Report. (July 9, 2022)
Warming Bay: An ongoing heatwave in India’s eastern sea is causing extreme rain in its northwest, say experts. (July 8, 2022)
United Nations International Maritime Organization agrees to reach net zero “by or around” 2050. (July 7, 2022)
Right of forest inhabitants for claims against eviction not limited to Adivasi, backward communities: Supreme Court. (July 7, 2022)
Deluge in Puerto Rico, drought in La Plata: WMO paints grim picture of warming Latin America, Caribbean. (July 6, 2022)
Parts of North West India may see cloud bursts, flash floods and landslides from July 8. (July 6, 2022)
Three in every five wildlife crimes in Europe go unpunished: Report. (July 6, 2022)
Drop in air pollution in India during 2020 nationwide lockdown slowed snow melting in Himalayas, finds study. (July 6, 2022)
Project Cheetah: Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary to be new home for African felines. (July 5, 2022)
South India records its lowest June rainfall in 122 years. (July 5, 2022)
IUCN urges Europe to implement nature restoration law. (July 5, 2022)
Extraordinary marine heatwave in North Atlantic Ocean may continue throughout 2023. (July 5, 2022)
WMO declares El Nino onset following rapid development. Here’s what the world should watch out for. (July 4, 2022)
Microplastics in 90% frogs studied in Bangladesh delta, can threaten biodiversity: Study. (July 4, 2022)
Poaching biggest threat to sturgeon species in Danube; 337 illegal activities in 7 years: Report. (July 3, 2022)
India, Pakistan among 5 countries with greatest potential to address climate issues in livestock sector. (July 3, 2022)
US government considers controversial solar geoengineering to counter global warming: Report. (July 3, 2022)
Ceramicist P R Daroz to showcase collection of 100 bowls in Delhi for animal welfare. (July 2, 2022)
Impact of climate change on Kashmir’s mushroom pickers. (July 2, 2022)
Karnataka forest department has filed just 130 chargesheets on forest encroachment since 1980: RTI. (July 2, 2022)
Climate counsel: These farmers in Maharashtra protect each other’s crops from extreme weather; here is how. (July 1, 2022)