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Indo-Gangetic Plain drying up? Water storage declined, ‘stream flow’ rose in Ganga, Indus basins last year, says WMO. (Nov 30, 2022).
Update land records to include FRA titles allotted, MoEF&CC directs states. (Nov 29, 2022).
Toxic air: Graded Response Action Plan announced for Kolkata, other Bengal cities. (Nov 29, 2022).
Pau Brasil: CITES COP19 rejects proposal to include Brazil’s national tree in Appendix I. (Nov 28, 2022).
No construction on Sukhatal lakebed near Naini lake, orders Uttarakhand High Court. (Nov 28, 2022).
Perfect storm: What is the Fujiwhara Effect?. (Nov 28, 2022).
Indian scientists receive international award on behalf of snow leopard conservation alliance. (Nov 27, 2022).
CITES COP19 proposes budget of $150,000 for Big Cat Task Force. (Nov 26, 2022).
CITES COP19: Rare Jeypore Ground Gecko listed in Appendix 2 to stall its trafficking . (Nov 26, 2022).
El Nino year or neutral phase likely in 2023; transition may lead to monsoon deficit: Experts. (Nov 26, 2022)
Life of Plastic: India its own worst enemy in tackling polymer pollution; here is how. (Nov 25, 2022)
The warming Arctic Ocean is bringing more snowfall to Siberia, shows study. (Nov 25, 2022)
Stripping carbon from the atmosphere might be needed to avoid dangerous warming — but it remains a deeply uncertain prospect. (Nov 25, 2022)
Unique birds are at a higher risk of going extinct, finds study. (Nov 24, 2022)
Hunting elephants, rhinos and pangolins for trade may affect climate, says UN paper; here is how. (Nov 24, 2022)
CITES COP19 urges parties to remove references to pangolins from ‘official pharmacopoeia’. (Nov 23, 2022)
Climate dystopia: As debate continues over COP27 outcomes, a world upside down is not far off. (Nov 23, 2022)
Road to COP15 Montreal: Mexican indigenous groups yet to benefit under Nagoya Protocol; here is why. (Nov 22, 2022)
Effective enforcement of laws, traceability needed for trade in European eels: COP19 draft decision. (Nov 22, 2022)
COP27: Here’s how the Global Goal on Adaptation framework was negotiated at Sharm El-Sheikh. (Nov 21, 2022)
Double standards on fossil fuel, backtracking on pledges: BASIC fires shots at wealthy countries at COP27. (Nov 17, 2022).
CITES COP19: India’s freshwater turtle in danger of extinction. (Nov 16, 2022).
COP27 diary (November 15): Political support to loss and damage facility critical, says Pakistan. (Nov 16, 2022)
A tigress entered Almora from Corbett and was shot; Where is the accountability?. (Nov 16, 2022)
US, Japan & others to fund Indonesia’s transition to clean energy. (Nov 16, 2022)
COP27: India’s national statement lacked teeth; was centred around mission LiFE. (Nov 15, 2022)
Extreme weather hits economies, hurts Asia most: WMO report. (Nov 15, 2022)
Climate crisis: Global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels remain at record high in 2022. (Nov 15, 2022).
‘Falcon Capital of the World’ records 178 bird species. (Nov 14, 2022)
COP27 diary (November 12): ‘US won't support legal structures for loss and damage liabilities’. (Nov 14, 2022)
COP27: Africa desperately needs a ‘loss and damage’ finance facility; here is why. (Nov 14, 2022)
‘Explosion’ in number of fossil fuel lobbyists at COP27 climate summit (Nov 14, 2022).
Climate change is making livestock susceptible to diseases; here is how. (Nov 13, 2022)
COP27 diary (November 11): Rich countries seek to delay and prolong discussions on loss and damage. (Nov 12, 2022)
Is it climate change that impacts trajectory of dengue in India?. (Nov 11, 2022)
A satellite data system will help detect, act on methane emissions. (Nov 11, 2022)
Over 10,000 to attend UN biodiversity convention next month. (Nov 11, 2022)
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (Nov 11, 2022).
COP27 diary (November 10): Rich countries admit funding gap in addressing loss & damage. (Nov 11, 2022)
‘Review 150,000 forest rights claims rejected without reason’. (Nov 10, 2022)
COP27: India’s updated NDCs insufficient for cutting emissions, shows report. (Nov 10, 2022)
Receding cryosphere: What latest WMO report warns us about. (Nov 10, 2022)
COP27: Expert Group zeroes in on weak net zero targets; asks industries to speed up. (Nov 10, 2022)
COP27 diary (November 9): $2 trillion needed to finance climate action in developing economies. (Nov 10, 2022)
Back from the dead! ‘Extinct’ frog species make a comeback. (Nov 9, 2022)
Less than a quarter of emission targets from Paris climate agreement met in 7 years. (Nov 9, 2022)
COP27 diary (November 8): Presidency unveils plan to build climate resilience for 4 billion by 2030. (Nov 9, 2022)
Climate change in Africa: 39% business affected by floods over the last year, shows survey. (Nov 9, 2022)
COP27: Non-state actors can’t destroy the environment, yet claim to be net zero, says report. (Nov 8, 2022)
COP14: Information on 75% of wetlands included in the list of Ramsar Sites is outdated. (Nov 8, 2022)
Early warning for all: WMO unveils $3.1 bn plan at COP27. (Nov 8, 2022)
COP27 diary (November 7): ‘World on a highway to climate hell, with our foot on the accelerator’. (Nov 8, 2022)
Delhi air to remain ‘very poor’ this week. Here’s why the problem isn't going away. (Nov 7, 2022)
COP27 must be remembered as ‘Implementation COP’, says Sameh Shoukry. (Nov 6, 2022)
Loss and damage funding officially included in COP27 agenda. (Nov 6, 2022)
WMO sounds alarm as COP27 gets underway, with 1.5°C target barely within reach. (Nov 6, 2022)
COP14 on wetlands begins; draft resolution for international mangrove centre in China on agenda. (Nov 5, 2022)
Run-up to COP27: The Pacific is now out of time, Vanuatu’s premier writes in DTE. (Nov 4, 2022)
Arctic forest fires caused by global warming can jeopardise climate goals: Study. (Nov 4, 2022)
Adaptation Gap Report 2022 raises alarm on climate finance. (Nov 3, 2022)
Most number of tigers seized from poachers in India in 2 decades: Report. (Nov 3, 2022)
Somewhere over the rainbow… climate impact is visible. (Nov 3, 2022)
‘Grains not stored porperly in FCI godown, rotting food creating pest hazard’. (Nov 3, 2022)
Vehicles were top polluters in Delhi during Diwali week: CSE. (Nov 2, 2022)
El Niño effect: Even in drought-tolerant forests, seedlings more likely to die. (Nov 2, 2022)
G-20 spent nearly $700 billion supporting fossil fuels in 2021. (Nov 1, 2022)
India saw natural disasters almost every day in first 9 months of 2022: CSE report. (Nov 1, 2022)
Run-up to COP27: ­Zimbabweans count loss and damage as climate change hits country hard. (Nov 1, 2022)
Climate models, ground assessments return differing readings of aerosol concentration: Study. (Nov 1, 2022)
Brazil polls: Commentators cautiously welcome Lula win; say hard work on Amazon begins now. (Nov 1, 2022)
Ban use of aceclofenac on cattle to save vultures, demands vet researchers. (Oct 31, 2022)
NASA spots 50 methane super-emitters on Earth. (Oct 31, 2022)
Run-up to COP27: Mozambique braces for more extreme weather events as rainy season begins. (Oct 28, 2022)
Antarctic ozone layer hole keeps shrinking in 2022: NASA, NOAA. (Oct 28, 2022)
Climate observing system remains fragile, needs funding: Experts. (Oct 28, 2022)
Economic downturn eats into climate mitigation, adaptation funding: UNCTAD. (October 28, 2022)
Emissions Gap Report 2022: Pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions way off track. (October 28, 2022)
Halt deforestation by 2030: Are we on track to meet global pledge?. (Oct 27, 2022)
Climate impact on health: India’s heat-related deaths went up by 55%, finds Lancet data. (Oct 27, 2022)
Exposure to vehicular pollution may increase risk of dementia. (Oct 27, 2022)
Record greenhouse gas emissions: Time running out, warns UN. (Oct 27, 2022)
Countries’ targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions insufficient: UNFCCC. (Oct 26, 2022)
Nearly every child will face frequent heatwaves by 2050: UNICEF. (Oct 26, 2022)
Clouds can close gaps between highest and lowest temperatures in a day. (October 26, 2022)
Prevention better than cure: Why World Bank bats for One Health to combat pandemics. (Oct 26, 2022)
Diwali day sees rise in number of hospital visits for respiratory problems in Delhi. (Oct 25, 2022)
Diwali 2022: Delhi air ‘very poor’, can worsen to ‘severe’. (Oct 25, 2022)
Diwali pollution: Delhi air quality to be in ‘poor’ & ‘very poor’ categories today, tomorrow. (Oct 24, 2022)
Warning: Air quality in North India may turn ‘severe’ by Diwali. (Oct 23, 2022)
Obituary: Sujit Patwardhan, India’s sustainable urban transport champion. (Oct 22, 2022)
Grazing animals play key role in maintaining soil carbon health: Study. (Oct 21, 2022)
Cyclones getting fiercer; account for nearly half of India’s deaths due to climate-related disasters. (Oct 21, 2022)
Oceans are warming twice as fast than the 1960s and it could get much worse. (Oct 21, 2022)
Staff crunch, expanded mandate hitting pollution control Boards’ performance, finds report (Oct 20, 2022)
Conservationists in Tamil Nadu welcome formation of vulture conservation committee in state. (Oct 20, 2022)
Will PM 2.5 levels in Delhi-NCR go back to pre-pandemic levels this winter? (Oct 20, 2022)
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (October 19, 2022)
Climate effect in space: Expect more satellite collisions. (Oct 19, 2022)
World’s leading financial institutions continue to bankroll deforestation. (Oct 19, 2022)
Can fast-moving glaciers contribute to sea-level rise?. (Oct 18, 2022)
Swachh Survekshan 2022: Gurugram improves rank but long way to go for effective waste management. (Oct 18, 2022)
Big push for One Health: FAO, UNEP, WHO, Animal health body lay out plan. (Oct 18, 2022)
Earth just had its 5th-warmest September on record. (Oct 17, 2022)
Delhites, all that rain does not mean you will have a smog-free Diwali. Here is why. (Oct 14, 2022)
Eating right, for the environment: WWF’s diet chart to help curb climate change, biodiversity loss. (Oct 14, 2022)
Ocean currents protect Galápagos Islands from global warming; but are they safe forever?. (Oct 14, 2022)
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (Oct 13, 2022)
Living Planet Report 2022: Wildlife populations decline by 69% in 50 years. (Oct 13, 2022)
As world converges for an African CoP, the continent’s east bets on geothermal. (Oct 12, 2022)
Insects today damage plants more despite dwindling numbers: Study. (Oct 11, 2022)
Climate crisis: Expect more extreme heatwaves in near future. (Oct 11, 2022)
Recurring rains in October call for change in monsoon definition. (Oct 11, 2022)
Climate finance: Donors give less than they claim; and not for mitigation to needy countries. (Oct 11, 2022)
Bihar man-eater shot: Here is when an order can be given to put down such an animal. (Oct 10, 2022)
A million-year-old marine DNA can reveal how climate change will affect Antarctica. (Oct 10, 2022)
Climate change triggered droughts in Northern Hemisphere: Study. (Oct 10, 2022)
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders. (Oct 10, 2022)
Vultures mostly forage outside protected areas; conservation efforts should be focused there, urges study. (Oct 8, 2022)
Irony just died: Coca-Cola, among biggest global polluters, to sponsor CoP27. (Oct 7, 2022)
UP Dussehra downpour: 10,000% excess rain in 3 districts of state wrecks kharif crop. (Oct 7, 2022)
Ice flow in Antarctica changes with season, can impact sea-level rise estimates. (Oct 7, 2022)
Graduates in forest education ill-equipped to handle sector’s emerging demands: Report. (Oct 7, 2022)
FAO report forecasts spike in wood-based substitutes to non-renewables; expects 1 million new jobs. (Oct 7, 2022)
Indigenous communities must be at the centre of sustainable agrifood systems: FAO director-general. (Oct 6, 2022)
Climate change escalates suicide rates among Marathwada farmers. (Oct 6, 2022)
No evidence of microplastics in emperor penguins, says study. (Oct 6, 2022)
Climate risk index shows threats to 90% of the world’s marine species. (Oct 6, 2022)
Monsoon 2022: Is excess September rainfall to blame for the Danda-2 avalanche in Uttarakhand. (Oct 5, 2022)
Australia to make efforts at saving koalas, 108 other ‘priority species’ over next 10 years. (Oct 4, 2022)
NGT stops mining in ecologically sensitive Madhav National Park in Madhya Pradesh. (Oct 4, 2022)
Greener pastures: How Indian pastoralists are being aided to return to their traditional livelihood. (Oct 4, 2022)
Climate change may aid spread of Lassa fever from west to east Africa by 2070: Report. (Oct 3, 2022)
Human activities are eating into reindeer grazing land in Europe. (Oct 3, 2022)
Gandhian sanitation simplified: Reusability, sustainability lead to cleanliness. (Oct 2, 2022)
UNEP calls Nord Stream methane leak ‘biggest-ever’; plume over Europe fading. (Oct 1, 2022)
Monsoon 2022 ends: 188 districts dry even after heavy rains in last week of September. (Sep 30, 2022)
Community reserves: Are they forest department’s backdoor entry into North East India. (Sep 30, 2022)
China, south Asia not proactive in reducing climate impacts on women: ICIMOD. (Sep 30, 2022)
Ahead of IUCN meet, new study says bear bile demand in China sustained by medical practitioners. (Sep 30, 2022)
‘Permanently frozen’ Himalayan areas at severe drought risk due to global warming. (Sep 29, 2022)
Stockholm Convention to take final call on 5 Persistent Organic Pollutants. (Sep 29, 2022)
Multiple threats cause huge decline in migratory waterbirds in Africa, Eurasia. (Sep 28, 2022)
Uttar Pradesh plans its 4th tiger reserve in Bundelkhand. (Sep 28, 2022)
Methane emission to rise 13% by 2030 without global pledge, claims Kerry. (Sep 28, 2022)
Fact check: Is it really Neelakurinji that is blooming in Chikkamagaluru. (Sep 27, 2022)
Climate change blues: Many lakes to turn green, brown. (Sep 27, 2022)
End fossil fuels: Climate group calls for global occupation of schools & universities. (Sep 27, 2022)
Honeybees join humans as the only known animals that can tell the difference between odd and even numbers. (Sep 27, 2022)
Ancient plant silphion known for curing many diseases probably still around: Expert. (Sep 27, 2022)
World Environmental Health Day: One Health approach is key in preventing pandemics. (Sep 26, 2022)
Repeated multi-year droughts hit India over last 1,000 years, water policies need reassessment: Study. (Sep 26, 2022)
60 years after they were last seen, tigers to come back to Madhya Pradesh’s Madhav National Park. (Sep 26, 2022)
Aerosol pollution has huge impact on India’s infant mortality, crop productivity: Study. (Sep 26, 2022)
Model shift: Climate change forces Zimbabwe to finally take up irrigation. (Sep 25, 2022)
Fridays for Future: It isn’t too late, say young activists demanding climate reparations, justice. (Sep 23, 2022)
Delhi-NCR deluge: 3 weather systems, La Nina and warming Arctic responsible, say experts. (Sep 23, 2022)
Coral reefs can adapt to climate change; you must give them a chance. (Sep 23, 2022)
Tasmania whales stranding: Climate change ‘among other factors’ can cause such events, say experts. (Sep 22, 2022)
How many ants live on earth? At least 20,000,000,000,000,000. (Sep 22, 2022)
Monsoon 2022 starts retreating after 114 days of erratic rainfall, extreme weather events (Sep 22, 2022).
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (Sep 21, 2022).
The tomistoma does not usually attack humans but that is happening now; here is why. (Sep 21, 2022)
‘Largest public collection of unique plant germplasm in the world up for private takeover’. (Sep 20, 2022)
Earth just experienced its 6th-warmest August on record. (Sep 20, 2022)
Climate anxiety deters 61% youth in Egypt from having children. (Sep 20, 2022)
Increasing Costa Rica’s riparian forests can improve its water quality, carbon storage. (Sep 19, 2022)
Blame global warming for Pakistan floods; here’s why. (Sep 19, 2022)
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders. (Sep 19, 2022)
Planetary summer: Why Europe may have reached a point of no return on prolonged droughts, heatwaves. (Sep 18, 2022)
Back after 70 years: Narendra Modi releases African cheetahs into Kuno enclosure on his 72nd birthday. (Sep 17, 2022)
Rising sea levels indicate new threat to Antarctic ice sheets, finds Stanford study. (Sep 16, 2022)
odine drives substantial ground-level ozone loss in Arctic, climate change altering natural processes: Study. (Sep 16, 2022)
World Ozone Day: Forest fires pose new threat to ozone layer. (Sep 16, 2022)
Caracal: As the cheetah returns to India, researchers map out most suitable areas for its coursing counterpart. (Sep 16, 2022)
Climate change will hit us hard: 7 in 10 people express fear in WEF survey. (Sep 15, 2022)
Global ‘Stilling’: If you feel the wind is coming to a halt, climate change may be behind it. (Sep 15, 2022)
UNEP launches new worldwide digital platform to encourage sustainable marine tourism. (Sep 15, 2022)
What is behind deadly summer heatwaves in north-central India? (Sep 15, 2022)
Windhoek to Jaipur: It is jet set go time for cheetahs. (Sep 14, 2022)
Sea cucumbers most frequently trafficked marine species in India between 2015 and 2021: Analysis. (Sep 14, 2022)
Win against waste colonialism: US group pledges restorative action after taking back ‘harmful’ report. (Sep 14, 2022)
We’re headed in wrong direction: WMO’s United in Science report outlines action needed. (Sep 14, 2022)
Half a million people may be affected by floods in Sudan this year. (Sep 13, 2022)
Western Ghats: Supreme Court quashes plea against Gadgil, Kasturirangan reports. (Sep 13, 2022)
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (Sep 13, 2022)
Co-existence, not Fortress Conservation: Here is why India’s cheetah experiment is unique. (Sep 12, 2022)
Southeast Asians worried about food security, extreme weather events, shows climate survey. (Sep 12, 2022)
Eastern Mediterranean, West Asia warming 2 times faster than global average: Report. (Sep 12, 2022)
Over 1.1 million sea turtles poached in the last 30 years: Study. (Sep 12, 2022)
After 40 years, Nayagarh villagers finally reap benefits of cashew plantation. (Sep 12, 2022)
Cheetahs in Kuno next week: Leopard attacks, poaching, stress of capture remain concerns. (Sep 11, 2022)
State of the Climate in Africa 2021: High water stress to displace up to 700 million Africans by 2030. (Sep 9, 2022)
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (September 9, 2022).
Europe just had its hottest summer on record. (Sep 9, 2022)
Kashmir human-wildlife conflict: Children being increasingly preyed upon by black bears, leopards. (Sep 9, 2022)
Every tenth of a degree counts: Scientists sound alarm as number of climate tipping elements rises. (Sep 8, 2022)
Invasive south red-eared slider turtle poses threat to Indian biodiversity. (Sep 8, 2022)
The Greenwashers: Big Oil’s words and actions on climate emergency do not match, says study (Sep 8, 2022)
Climate change-driven wildfires, heatwaves to worsen air quality & levy additional ‘climate penalty’. (Sep 8, 2022)
Bengaluru floods: City’s stormwater drains are not good enough & government has known it for long. (Sep 8, 2022)
More than half of Indian bird species are in academic campuses, says WII study. (Sep 7, 2022)
Why is Greenland ice sheet melting faster this September? Experts weigh in (Sep 7, 2022)
Fight for forest rights: Why these Dhamtari Adivasis gave up over 100 acres cropland to plant trees. (Sep 7, 2022)
Declare lumpy skin an epidemic, say Uttar Pradesh cattle owners; seek aid (Sep 7, 2022)
What is the environmental cost of factory-farmed meat? (Sep 6, 2022)
Environment takes back seat: MoEFCC extends SOx compliance deadline again. (Sep 6, 2022)
‘Ghost villages’ of Uttarakhand report mass migrations for the fear of leopard attacks . (Sep 6, 2022)
Thwaites ‘doomsday glacier’ can lose ice faster in coming years, coastal areas at risk: Study. (Sep 6, 2022)
Narendra Modi to ‘launch’ cheetahs into Kuno-Palpur on his birthday. (Sep 6, 2022)
Multiple troughs, La Nina: Why Bengaluru is flooding repeatedly this monsoon. (Sep 6, 2022)
Do away with forest clearance to explore mining activities: Mines ministry to MoEF&CC. (Sep 5, 2022)
Long live the queen: Anti-insulin protein linked to 500% increase in longevity among ants. (Sep 5, 2022)
Early to wake is neither healthy nor wise for bumblebees. (Sep 5, 2022)
La Nina’s rare ‘triple dip’ likely to affect weather patterns globally. (Sep 2, 2022)
Want to eat fish tomorrow? Halt climate change, overfishing today. (Sep 2, 2022)
Once upon a time in India, lions were present from West to East, even south of Narmada: Study. (Sep 2, 2022)
Can high temperatures impact people’s ratings of their lives? (Sep 2, 2022)
September monsoon forecast: IMD predicts excessive rainfall for south, west, central India. (Sep 2, 2022)
Greenhouse gas, sea levels reached record highs in 2021: NOAA Report. (Sep 1, 2022)
Only 10 of 46 Least Developed Countries mention loss and damage explicitly in NDCs: Study (Sep 1, 2022).
Concurrent extreme weather: Almost all continents hit by heatwave in July, drought in August, DTE finds. (Sep 1, 2022)
Bad weather ahead: Water-related risks can cost 7 large economies $5.6 billion. (Sep 1, 2022)
Most number of saltwater crocodile births in Bhitarkanika this year. (Sep 1, 2022)
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (August 31, 2022)
Is it climate crisis that fuelled flooding in Pakistan? (August 31, 2022)
Locals oppose petrochemical project plan in Odisha’s Kendrapara over green concerns. (August 30, 2022)
Air pollution deaths: What troubles Delhi today may haunt Mumbai tomorrow. (August 30, 2022)
International Whale Shark Day: Wildlife Trust of India launches campaign to sensitise fishers along southwest coast. (August 30, 2022)
Missed opportunity: UN session to save biodiversity in high seas ends without consensus. (Aug 30, 2022)
Freshwater crab species with striking colours found in Western Ghats. (August 30, 2022).
Taking ownership: How forest-dwellers in Chhattisgarh, Odisha claimed rights over traditional boundary (August 29, 2022).
Global warming is real: Research predicts 6-fold rise in fish mass die-offs by 2100. (August 29, 2022).
World Bank agrees to look into construction of Uttarakhand dam (August 29, 2022).
Kuno plans to electrify enclosure fence to prevent leopard-cheetah conflict (August 29, 2022).
Noida twin tower demolition: How will it affect local flora, fauna. (August 29, 2022).
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (August 27, 2022).
Rare 3rd consecutive La Nina event underway, could impact agriculture.(Aug 26, 2022).
Good news! Recovery of ozone layer achieves significant milestone. (August 26, 2022).
King cobras in Chhattisgarh: Is climate change behind 31 new nesting spots.(Aug 26, 2022).
Future in forest: How eviction of villagers from Achanakmar tiger reserve united adivasis to fight for CFRR. (August 26, 2022).
Hot century ahead: India can’t beat the heat even if global warming is capped at 2°C. (August 26, 2022).
Ustad redux? Ranthambore ‘mankiller’ T-104 could be shifted to a cage in Mukundara. (August 25, 2022).
Live electric wires a huge threat to wild elephants; two female jumbos die in Odisha. (August 25, 2022)
Lumpy disease: 35,000 cattle killed in 9 states. (Aug 25, 2022)
July heatwave triggers air pollution in UK. (August 25, 2022).
Wildfires destroy twice the forest cover today compared to 2 decades ago. (August 25, 2022).
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (August 24, 2022).
‘Gray blanket’ over Australia: Genetics may have aided European rabbit invasion of continent in 1859, says study. (August 24, 2022).
Have cyclones in monsoon become the new ‘normal’?. (August 24, 2022).
Nitrogen-fixing plants are more diverse in arid environments; but will they survive climate change?. (August 24, 2022).
Monsoon 2022: Jharkhand farmers give up on paddy harvest due to scanty rains. (August 24, 2022).
Global warming: Forests, grasslands getting depleted of nitrogen; can impact animal growth. (August 24, 2022).
Lockdowns pull down poaching rates in Africa but rhinos still threatened. (August 23, 2022).
North East India records lowest rainfall in 122 years. (August 23, 2022).
Wet century ahead: Extreme rainfall here to stay for Western Ghats, North East. (August 23, 2022).
Victory for Jharkhand tribals: Netarhat firing range not be renotified. (August 23, 2022).
Good news! Pacific Bluefin Tuna stock to rebound sooner than expected due to global conservation efforts. (August 22, 2022).
China faces its longest, most severe drought ever recorded. (August 22, 2022)
Perfect decomposition: This Goa startup’s alternative to plastic wrappers is made of corn starch. (Aug 21, 2022)
Sequence for a just future: Can safeguards for digital genomic data from biodiversity be ensured. (August 21, 2022)
A forest title helped these 3 Odisha villages transform their traditional jungle; here is how. (Aug 19, 2022)
Weather Alert: Possible cyclone over West Bengal, Odisha. (Aug 19, 2022)
Reintroducing cheetahs: Elephants help in moving leopards away from Kuno National Park. (August 19, 2022)
Did climate change trigger US’s worst West Nile virus outbreak? (August 18, 2022)
Half of world’s cities had PM2.5 levels above least-stringent WHO standards last decade: Report. (Aug 18, 2022)
This fish can survive sub-zero temperatures; but will it beat climate change. (Aug 18, 2022)
Carved in stone: What are these warning signs that Europe's drought has revealed.(Aug 18, 2022)
Delhi, Kolkata first, second globally in PM2.5 pollution: Report.(Aug 17, 2022)
UN meet begins over treaty to govern use of high seas. (August 17, 2022)
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (August 17, 2022)
It’s hot and more than what that heat index tells you.(Aug 17, 2022)
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (August 16, 2022)
Activists show lacuna in Assam PCCF’s notification on elephant microchips to prevent illegal transport.(Aug 12, 2022)
Centre notifies India’s 31st elephant reserve in Tamil Nadu. (Aug 12, 2022)
World Elephant Day: Why conservation efforts in Africa evoke opposing reactions. (Aug 12, 2022)
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (August 12, 2022)
Air pollution will harm brain development, 9 of 10 people breathe polluted air. (Aug 11, 2022)
Cheetah relocation: Wild cats likely to arrive Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno by end of August. (Aug 11, 2022)
Hot nights due to climate change will increase death rate by six times: Study. (Aug 10, 2022)
‘We’re portrayed as Maoists, jailed for protesting’: 18 Gariaband villages refuse to give up fight for forest rights. (Aug 10, 2022)
Australia shivers as winter ends; spring to be wet due to negative Indian Ocean Dipole, La Nina. (Aug 10, 2022)
Extreme weather unabated: Third-hottest July took Antarctic sea ice to its minimum since 1979. (Aug 10, 2022)
Has Odisha’s Bhitarkanika reached a saturation point for its estuarine crocodiles? Experts say yes. (Aug 09, 2022)
World Lion Day: Asiatic lions used to inhabit most of southwest Asia & India. (Aug 09, 2022)
Assess marine biodiversity before permitting deep-sea mining: Experts. (Aug 09, 2022)
July 2022 marks the 3rd hottest on record for the US. (Aug 09, 2022)
NASA highlights loss of mangrove cover on Katchal island in the Nicobars. (Aug 09, 2022)
Third heatwave of this summer hits Europe, may be prolonged but less intense than July. (Aug 09, 2022)
Inflation Reduction Act: Experts cautious as US Senate passes landmark climate investment bill. (Aug 08, 2022)
Data on plant ‘sweat’ might help predict wildfire severity. (Aug 08, 2022)
Clean impression: Ironers in Bengaluru ditch coal irons for LPG alternatives to beat harmful fumes. (Aug 07, 2022)
Wildlife Protection Amendment Bill: Why ‘religious or any other purpose’ clause has enraged animal activists. (Aug 05, 2022)
Tackling marine plastic pollution. (Aug 05, 2022)
Dry beginning: Scanty June rain means delayed Kharif; and it’s becoming common. (Aug 05, 2022)
These 2 Odisha villages wrangle over forest land, but maintain harmony. (Aug 05, 2022)
Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (August 4, 2022).
Over 1,500 people died in elephant attacks in last 3 years, maximum casualties in Odisha. (Aug 04, 2022)
‘Treasure map’ of ants may help experts discover new species in India. (Aug 04, 2022)
2 largest US reservoirs at ‘dangerously low levels’: UNEP. (Aug 04, 2022)
Tonga volcano spews enough water to fill 58,000 pools into stratosphere, likely to add to global warming. (Aug 04, 2022)
Clear signs: 1.5°C warmer world to be catastrophic for India. (Aug 04, 2022)
Can upcoming vulture centre near Gorakhpur revive UP’s numbers?. (Aug 03, 2022)
India’s updated climate pledge to Paris Agreement gets Union Cabinet nod. (Aug 03, 2022)
Only 7% of total legacy waste in Delhi’s Ghazipur landfill is bio-mined: Report. (Aug 02, 2022)
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