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Today's environmental challenges need all of us, not half of us. Empower women. #SolveDifferent (UN Environment: 08-03-2019)
Badarpur to get eco park spread over 884 acres (TOI: 08-03-2019)
Govt puts complete ban on import of solid plastic waste (The Economic Times: 07-03-2019)
Delhi tops list of most polluted cities in Greenpeace study (The Hindu: 05-03-2019)
Crop burning raises risk of respiratory illness threefold, says IFPRI study (The Hindu: 05-03-2019)
Economic cost of stubble burning is Rs 2 lakh crore a year, reveals study (TOI: 05-03-2019)
Fires are a crucial component of some forest systems, says group of scientists (The Hindu: 04-03-2019)
First evidence of ancient groundwater system found on Mars: Scientists (Business Standard: 04-03-2019)
A treasure trove of information on plants (The Hindu: 03-03-2019)
Civic body to go for bio-mining of solid waste dumped at Vendipalayam, Vairapalayam yards (The Hindu: 27-02-2019)
Antarctica is about to lose an iceberg 30 times the size of Manhattan as two cracks converge and it could cripple a British research station (Business Insider: 26-02-2019)
Where have all the insects gone? (The Hindu: 26-02-2019)
PCB to test ash from Brahmapuram for heavy metal presence (The Hindu: 26-02-2019)
Guess who just flew in? (The Hindu: 01-02-2019)
Green panel seeks complete details on demarcation of Southern Ridge (The Hindu: 01-02-2019)
All vehicles in NCR to have fuel stickers by October: EPCA (The Times of India: 01-02-2019)
This was Delhi’s coldest December-January in 13 years (The Times of India: 01-02-2019)
4 more waste-to-energy plants in Delhi, corporations say city of two Delhi, Corporations say city of two crore people has no option (The Times of India: 31-01-2019)
Air quality slips, Delhi pins hope on rain (The Times of India: 31-01-2019)
Ensure no waste is dumped in Shahdara drain, CPCB tells Delhi government (The Times of India: 31-01-2019)
NGT: Delhi schools to pay Rs 5 lakh fine if they fail to tap rainwater (The Times of India: 31-01-2019)
Dumping your waste on city roads? Think twice (The Hindu: 31-01-2019)
Stormy weather awaits India in 2019 (The Hindu: 31-01-2019)
Karnataka High Court stays ban on cultivation of eucalyptus (The Hindu: 31-01-2019)
NGT orders remediation steps for Kuzhikkandam creek (The Hindu: 24-01-2019)
Cleaning water using bacteria (The Hindu: 24-01-2019)
Study to identify pollutants affecting air quality in Delhi (The Hindu: 24-01-2019)
Council nod for phytoremediation technique to cleanse Conolly Canal water of metals (The Hindu: 23-01-2019)
Ministry notifies new CRZ norms (The Hindu: 23-01-2019)
India stares at water scarcity (The Hindu: 23-01-2019)
Buried in the sands (The Hindu: 23-01-2019)
This is not the future we want (The Hindu: 21-01-2019)
‘Reject unplanned projects’ (The Hindu: 21-01-2019)
Bring 500-acre Goregaon plot under CRZ 1, says green activist (TOI: 21-01-2019)
Warmest January day in 12 years (TOI: 21-01-2019)
Delhi air quality poor, may worsen after 2 days (TOI: 16-01-2019)
Remote sensing to detect vehicular pollution in Delhi (TOI: 16-01-2019)
2018 December saw 167 cold waves, the highest in 13 years (TOI: 16-01-2019)
Antarctica ice melting increased by 280% in last 16 years (The Hindu: 15-01-2019)
Delhi air pollution today: AQI at 'poor' 276 for first time in new year, to worsen again (Times Now: 11-01-2019)
How Hyderabad's Pharma City is Flouting Environmental Norms (The Wire: 11-01-2019)
Maharashtra has 17 polluted cities, highest among states (Times of India: 11-01-2019)
Centre aims for 20% cut in air pollution by 2024 (The Hindu: 11-01-2019)
Climate change: Need for multipronged vision stressed (The Hindu: 11-01-2019)
Fog to stay, weekend shower may send mercury down again (TOI: 09-01-2019)
Construction dust, open waste dumping top polluting activities (TOI: 09-01-2019)
Greenland s melting ice sheet releasing tons of methane: Study (The Hindu: 09-01-2019)
Shut down industries in Daryaganj, NGT to govt (TOI: 08-01-2019)
How roadside hedges can help combat pollution (TOI: 08-01-2019)
Delhi govt and US univ team up for real-time air study (TOI: 08-01-2019)
Southern Ridge fenced to block squatters after NGT rap (TOI: 08-01-2019)
Book fair largely plastics-free (The Hindu: 08-01-2019)
‘Deploy task force for waste management during Kumbh’(The Hindu: 08-01-2019)
Rain improves air quality, but don’t expect relief to to last long
Forest cover in NE states: Parliamentary panel asks environment ministry to arrest declining trend
India’s annual carbon footprint increased but is well on track to meet its global climate pledges
Ban on entry of trucks into city for 24 hrs
1,000 litres of clean water daily, straight from drain
Delhi: Rain over weekend may bring dense fog
Scan to know: Trees at Lodhi Garden get QR codes
A new year, but very poor air is still an improvement
ASI declared 6 monuments of national importance in 2018
Capital records clearest December in 22 years
Air quality improves, govt reviews pollution-control measures
As mercury continues to dip, Delhi’s air plays hot and cold
Fog woes begin as cold wave continues
Delhi: Next time at Lodhi Garden, scan the trees
Delhi: With AQI at 408, it’s most polluted Xmas in 4 years...
Dry for decades, Roshanara lake to get its mojo back, and may be birds too
India recorded 95 tiger deaths in 2018, 41 outside reserves
Organic food good for you, but not for planet
Brace for fog as coldest day so far keeps Delhi air poor
How are crop fires hurting locals? Study to find out
Campaign to check vehicular pollution near Delhi-NCR schools
Andhra Pradesh braces for another cyclone as Phethai to make landfall today
How humans are reversing climate clock by 50m years
Pollution ke side effects: Delhi’s foreign tourist inflow down by 30%
Delhi: Severe air quality sparks emergency meet
Bulk waste generators to pay Rs 10,000 a day for not segregating
Delhi air pollution: Your air purifier can fight PM2.5, but it may be a part of CO2 problem at home
How roaches are fixing China’s food waste problem
Want clean air? Move to Gurugram. Oh, wait...
India third largest contributor to carbon emission
Air pollution kills 7 million every year
A day after NGT's 25cr fine, toxic fires still rage in Mundka
In 2017, India second worst in extreme weather deaths
NASA releases time-lapse of the disappearing Arctic polar ice cap
Delhi govt fined Rs 25cr for failing to curb pollution
Is pollution taking a toll on flamingos in Najafgarh?
Delhi's 'severe' air quality, Mike Pence in Japan, and other news in pictures
Let only CNG vehicles ply in city on bad air days: EPCA
Not all farmers burn stubble, some use it to improve harvest
All gas: Will shutting Delhi down help?
Many winter guests skip flying visit to city
An industrial zone left out of pollution fight
Use treated water NGT to farmers