Thesis By S.E.S Research Scholars

S.No. Year M.Phil/PhD Tiltle Student Name Supervisor
1 2015 M.Phil Phosporus fractionation in the Triloknath paleolake sediments of Lahaul himalaya Mr. Saurabh Kumar Singh Dr. N. Siva Siddaiah
2 2015 M.Phil Impact of root endophyte fungus Piriformospora indica on growth of cotton and marigold in different soils Mr. Rajeshwar Pratap Singh Dr. Meenakshi Dua
3 2015 M.Phil Characterization of bioaerosols in and around a landfill site in Delhi Ms. Richa Verma Dr. Arun K. Srivastava
4 2015 Ph.D Characterization of Microorganisms for Bioremediation and Detoxification of major contaminants of landfill leachate Ms. Pooja Ghosh Prof. I.S. Thakur
5 2015 Ph.D Secretome Analysis of Indigenous Fungus for Biodegradation and Bioconversion of Leucaena leucocephala wood and seed Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh Prof. I.S. Thakur
6 2015 Ph.D Characterization of endolithic cyanobacterium for prospective production of biodiesel: A biological CO2 recycling approach Ms. Jyoti Singh Prof. I.S. Thakur
7 2015 Ph.D Major Ions chemistry of groundwater in Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan and Remediation of Contaminants, Using locally Available Biosorbents Mr. Kwai Malak Kwai Kut Dr. Dinesh Mohan
8 2014 Ph.D Studies on major transcripts originating from the ribosomal DNA plasmid of Entamoeba histolytica Indrani Som Prof. Sudha Bhattacharya
9 2014 Ph.D Geochemistry of the allluvial sediments of the Kaveri flood plain, South India Pramod Singh Prof. V. Rajamani
10 2014 Ph.D Molecular characterization of bacteria for degradation and detoxification of Dibenzofuran Prasant Kumar Jaiswal Prof. I.S. Thakur
11 2014 Ph.D Regulation of oxidant induced programmed cell death by overexpression of hyaluronan binding protein 1 (HABP1) in fibroblast cells Anindya Roy Chaudhury Prof. Kasturi Dutta
12 2014 Ph.D Role of black Carbobn in the distribution patterns of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Delhi Soils Sharmila Ray Prof. P.S. Khillare
13 2014 Ph.D Impact of urbanization on spatial variability of forest soils in the national capital region of Delhi Manoj Kumar Dwivedi Prof. P.S. Khillare
14 2014 Ph.D Distribution and fractionation of heavy metals in liquid and solid waste from selected industrial sites in Delhi Mechah Charles Zuriels Moturi Prof. V. Subramanian
15 2014 Ph.D Decolourization and detoxification of distillery effluent by microorganisms Garima Kaushik Prof. I.S. Thakur
16 2014 Ph.D Isolation and characterization of arsenic oxidizing bacteria: an attempt to solve the arsenic problem Kumar Suranjit Prasad Prof. A.L. Ramanathan
17 2014 Ph.D Status and behaviour of SPM as a particulate nitrate, size distribution and correlationship with NOx in the atmosphere of Delhi, between source : Receptor Vijai Kumar Prof. J. M. Dave
18 2014 Ph.D Studies on RNA polymerase basal transcription factors in Entamoeba histolytica Gagan Deep Jhingan Prof. Sudha Bhattacharya
19 2014 Ph.D Nutrient/Resource management relevant to agroforestry systems of traditional societies of central Himalaya L R Gopinath Prof. P. S. RamakrIshnan
20 2014 Ph.D Spectral finger printing and dispersion pattern of soluble pollutant influx in river Yamuna in Delhi R Bhuvaneswari Prof. Arun K. Attri
21 2014 Ph.D Thermodynamic consequences of molecular crowding on information growth in prebiotic evolution Anita Mukherjee Prof. Arun K. Attri
22 2014 Ph.D Radiation and chemical iduced changes in survival pattersn, DNA structure and membrane characteristics of Azotobacter species G.L. Saini Prof. A. Mukerjee
23 2014 Ph.D A comparative analysis of membranes of normal and crowngall tissues under some environmental stresses Kolluru Venkata Atchuta Ramaiah Prof. Anjali Mukherjee
24 2014 Ph.D Natural resource management for sustainable development of Delhi using remote sensing and GIS techniqes Pramod Kumar Singh Prof. S. Mukherjee
25 2014 Ph.D Goechemical aspects of rock weathering in the upper reaches of Cauvery River, South India Anupam Sharma Prof. V. Rajamani
26 2014 Ph.D Numerical prediction of western disturbances and associated long range transport of air pollutants Majid Azadi Prof. B. Padmanabhamurty
27 2014 Ph.D Apportioning air quality to various sources around Taj Mahal: a model approach Sunil Kumar Prof. B. Padmanabhamurty
28 2014 Ph.D Agroecosystem analysis in intensive agriculture zone (district - Rohatak, Haryana) Govind Chandra Mishra K G Saxena
29 2014 Ph.D Snow and ice mass budget of Chhota Shigri Glacier, Lahaul - Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh 2003-2007 Anurag Linda A L Ramanathan
30 2014 Ph.D Study of Glacio-Morphological features and deglaciation pattern using field observation data, GIS and remote sensing Techniqus in the Himachal Himalaya Shruti A L Ramanathan
31 2014 Ph.D Application of solar energy technology for food processing Shakti Prakash V K Jain
32 2014 Ph.D Studies on characterisation and complexation properties of Humic Acids from soils and sediments Pius Kurian D K Banerjee
33 2014 Ph.D Environmental geochemistry of the Mahanadi River Basin Govind Joseph Chakrapani V Subramanian