Biogeochemistry of Rivers

Seasonal variation in sources and processing of particulate organic carbon in the Pearl River estuary, South China

Wei Guo, Feng Ye, Shendong Xu, Guodong Jia
Article first published online: 10 November 2015, DOI:10.1016/j.ecss.2015.11.004

Sources and sinks of methane and nitrous oxide in the subtropical Brisbane River estuary, South East Queensland, Australia

Katrin Sturm, Alistair Grinham, Ursula Werner, Zhiguo Yuan
Article first published online: 10 November 2015, DOI:10.1016/j.ecss.2015.11.002

Denitrification in the Mississippi River network controlled by flow through river bedforms

Jesus D. Gomez-Velez, Judson W. Harvey, M. Bayani Cardenas & Brian Kiel
Article first published online: 26 October 2015, DOI:10.1038/ngeo2567

Divergent biophysical controls of aquatic CO2 and CH4 in the World’s two largest rivers

Alberto V. Borges, Gwenaël Abril, François Darchambeau, Cristian R. Teodoru, Jonathan Deborde, Luciana O. Vidal, Thibault Lambert & Steven Bouillon
Article first published online: 23 October 2015, DOI:10.1038/srep15614

Distribution and sources of organic matter in surface sediments of Bohai Sea near the Yellow River Estuary, China

Dongyan Liu, Xin Li, Kay-Christian Emeis, Yujue Wang, Pierre Richard
Article first published online: 16 September 2015, DOI:10.1016/j.ecss.2015.09.007

Drought and flood effects on macrobenthic communities in the estuary of Australia's largest river system

Sabine Dittmann, Ryan Baring, Stephanie Baggalley, Agnes Cantin, Jason Earl, Ruan Gannon, Justine Keuning, Angela Mayo, Nathavong Navong, Matt Nelson, Warwick Noble, Tanith Ramsdale
Article first published online: 5 September 2015, DOI:10.1016/j.ecss.2015.08.023

Molecular-level changes of dissolved organic matter along the Amazon River-to-ocean continuum

Michael Seidel, Patricia L. Yager, Nicholas D. Ward, Edward J. Carpenter, Helga R. Gomes, Alex V. Krusche, Jeffrey E. Richey, Thorsten Dittmar, Patricia M. Medeiros
Article first published online: 28 June 2015, DOI:10.1016/j.marchem.2015.06.019

Effects of Nitrogen Pollution on Periphyton Distribution, Elemental Composition and Assemblage Shifts in River Ecosystems

Wenzhong Tang, Baoqing Shan, Jingguo Cui, Yu Zhao and Wenqiang Zhang
Article first published online: 14 SEP 2015, DOI: 10.1002/clen.201300927

Temporal Variation of Bed Load to Suspended Load Ratio in Kojour River, Iran

Seyed Hamidreza Sadeghi and Hossein Kheirfam
Article first published online: 21 AUG 2015, DOI: 10.1002/clen.201400490

Pharmaceutically active compounds in water, Aksaray, Turkey

Zeynep Ayman and Mustafa Işık*
Article first published online: 31 AUG 2015, DOI: 10.1002/clen.201300877

Sea-level responses to erosion and deposition of sediment in the Indus River basin and the Arabian Sea

Ken L. Ferrier, Jerry X. Mitrovica, Liviu Giosan, Peter D. Clift

Isotopic analysis of Cd in the mixing zone of Siberian rivers with the Arctic Ocean—New constraints on marine Cd cycling and the isotope composition of riverine Cd

Myriam Lambelet, Mark Rehkämper, Tina van de Flierdt, Zichen Xue, Katharina Kreissi, Barry Coles, Don Porcelli, Per Andersson

Erosion of Deccan Traps determined by river geochemistry: impact on the global climate and the 87Sr/86Sr ratio of seawater

Céline Dessert, Bernard Dupré, Louis M. Françoisa, Jacques Schott, Jérôme Gaillardet, Govind Chakrapani, Sujit Bajpai

Isotope evidence for secondary sulfide precipitation along the Marsyandi River, Nepal, Himalayas

Alexandra V. Turchyn, Edward T. Tipper, Albert Galy, Jun-Kai Lo, Mike J. Bickle

Lithium isotopes in large rivers reveal the cannibalistic nature of modern continental weathering and erosion

Mathieu Dellinger, Jérôme Gaillardet, Julien Bouchez, Damien Calmels, Valier Galy, Robert G. Hilton, Pascale Louvat, Christian France-Lanord

Hydrological controls on the sources of dissolved sulfate in the Heihe River, a large inland river in the arid northwestern China, inferred from S and O isotopes

Xiaoqian Li, Yiqun Gan , Aiguo Zhou, Yunde Liu, Dong Wang

Where is basalt in river sediments, and why does it matter?

Marion Garçon, Catherine Chauvel

Source, transport and fluxes of Amazon River particulate organic carbon: Insights from river sediment depth-profiles

Julien Bouchez, Valier Galy, Robert G. Hiltond, Jérôme Gaillardeta, Patricia Moreira-Turcq, Marcela Andrea Pérez, Christian France-Lanord, Laurence Maurice

Biogeochemistry of Himalayan rivers as an agent of climate change

MM Sarin

Geochemical behaviour of dissolved trace elements in a monsoon-dominated tropical river basin, Southwestern India

G. P. Gurumurthy, K. Balakrishna , M. Tripti, Stéphane Audry, Jean Riotte, J. J. Braun, H. N. Udaya Shankar

Dissolved trace element biogeochemistry of a tropical river, Southwestern India

M Tripti, G P Gurumurthy, K Balakrishna , M D Chadaga

Biochemical processes in River systems

FJ Triska, LWG Higler