Biogeochemical Cycles

Studying the cycles of vital elements, such as carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus, and their intricate interactions with various substances and organisms as they move through Earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere (water and ice), biosphere (life), and lithosphere (rock) is a crucial component of biogeochemistry. The field focuses primarily on the diverse and intertwined chemical cycles that are either driven by or have an effect on biological activity.

Biogeochemical Cycling of Nutrients and Thermodynamic Aspects

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Contrasted geographical distribution of N2 fixation rates and nifH phylotypes in the Coral and Solomon Seas (southwestern Pacific) during austral winter conditions

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Coupling atmospheric mercury isotope ratios and meteorology to identify sources of mercury impacting a coastal urban‐industrial region near Pensacola, Florida, USA

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Surface distribution of dissolved trace metals in the oligotrophic ocean and their influence on phytoplankton biomass and productivity

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